#OurBayouVotes at South Lafourche High School

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, Annette Fontana, Lafourche Parish Clerk of Court, presented #OurBayouVotes, a voting program, to seniors at South Lafourche High School with the assistance of Michael Boudreaux, Lafourche Parish Registrar of Voters and Billy Chiasson, Election Manager with the Secretary of State. The presentation highlighted the history of voting rights in our country and the evolution into voter rights of today. The program included several interactive activities that allowed students to understand the impact of youth voter decline in America. Students also had the opportunity to register to vote and step into a working voting machine to cast a ballot.

Ms. Fontana said “Our goal is to emphasize the importance of the youth voter voice in America and the right to vote, and to ultimately increase voter turnout. The program is designed to help students register to vote and give them a certain level of comfort their first time stepping up to a voting machine on Election Day.”

About #OurBayouVotes– This program is dedicated to reaching out to high school students and encouraging them to start the path toward lifelong civic participation. From the economy to the future of their education and the safety of our neighborhoods, young people have a critical role to play in shaping important issues in our community and across the nation. Our mission is to work with high school students to help them understand the voting process and registering to vote.