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Criminal Costs and Filing Fees

Criminal Background Search $ 20.00


  • Photo copies (per page) $ 1.00
  • Certified copies (per docket number) $ 5.00

Fax filings are not accepted for criminal, traffic, non-support or juvenile cases.

Non-Support Filing Fees (pro se and private counsel)

  • Please call (985) 447-5512

Motion to Set Aside Conviction

  • Money Order made payable to Office of Motor Vehicles $50.00

Expungement Procedures/Fees

All required forms are available from our criminal customer service desk or in PDF format online. The Clerk of Court is prohibited from giving legal advice and cannot assist in preparation of any expungement filing. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, EVEN IF THE EXPUNGEMENT IS DENIED (La.. C.Cr.P. Art. 983).

  • Cash, Check, or Money Order made payable to Lafourche Parish Clerk of Court $200.00
  • Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to Bureau of Criminal Identification & Information – La. State Police $250.00
  • Money Order made payable to Lafourche Parish District Attorney $50.00
  • Money Order made payable to Lafourche Parish Sheriff $50.00

Additional fees for expungement of any DWI conviction are to be paid by Money Order only, payable to:

  • Dept. of Public Safety & Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles $ 50.00

**Note: If you require a pleading to be filed, conformed and certified, the total cost will be $6.00 for each document.

Click on the Title of the Document you wish to Download.

Form 2015 EXP 1(L) Motion to Set aside Conviction and Dismiss Prosecution

Form 2015 EXP 2(L) Rule to Show Cause

Form 2015 EXP 3(L) Order of Dismissal

Form 2015 EXP 4(L) Certification of Fee Waiver

Form 2018 EXP 5-1(L) Motion for Expungement

Form 2015 EXP 6(L) Affidavit of Response

Form 2015 EXP 7(L) Order

Form 2018 EXP 8-1(L) Order of Expungement of Arrest Conviction Record

Form 2018 EXP 9-1(L) Motion for Interim Expungement

Form 2015 EXP 10(L) Order of Expungement of Interim Arrest Record

Instructions for Expungement- 1st Offense Marijuana Conviction

Supplemental Sheet – Arrests that did not result in conviction

Supplemental Sheet Felony Convictions (L)

Supplemental Sheet – Misdemeanor Convictions (L)

Instructions for Expungements

Change of Address Form


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