Birth & Death Certificates

Individuals born in Louisiana may obtain a certified Birth Certificate from the Clerk of Courts Office. Birth Certificates and Birth Cards go back one hundred (100) years. Death Certificates are available from July 2012 forward.

Fees are as follows (Cash Only):

Birth Certificate: $34.00

Birth Certificate + Birth Card: $48.00

Death Certificate: $26.00



  1. Requestors must present a valid ID to obtain a copy.
  2. Relationship to request certificate must be one of the following:
    1. Self
    2. Mother
    3. Father
    4. Child
    5. Grandparent
    6. Grandchild
    7. Sibling
    8. Legal Guardian (must present certified copy of judgment of custody)

Death Certificates registered in Louisiana from July of 2012 to present may be obtained from the Clerk of Court’s office. Death Certificates are usually available within 90 days of death. Individuals seeking Death Certificates registered before July of 2012 must contact Vital Records at (504) 593-5100.

Certified copies of birth and death certificates are only available at the Thibodaux Office.

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Birth or Death Certificate Application PDF